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Grants Pass School District No.7 Special Monday Board Meeting
The Grants Pass School District No.7 Board will convene a special meeting Monday at 9:00am.
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Posted on 11/2/14 10:28AM by Tom Ray
Grants Pass City Council Special Meeting and Monday Workshop
The Grants Pass City Council will convene a Special Action meeting and workshop Monday, beginning at 11:45am in Council Chambers at 101 NW A Street.
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Posted on 11/2/14 9:32AM by Tom Ray
Grants Pass To Host Barlow in the First Round of the Playoffs
The Grants Pass Cavemen will host Barlow in the first round of the State 6A playoffs this Friday night at Mel Ingram field. Barlow comes in with a record of 4 and 5 while the Cavemen are 9-0.
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Posted on 11/1/14 8:08AM by Chuck Benson
Sheriff’s Patrols Increase Monday
Josephine County citizens living in outlying areas will have increased protection when Sheriff’s patrol coverage will increase to twelve hours a day, five days a week beginning Monday. The coverage will be provided by two patrol teams working overlapping eight hour shifts.
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Posted on 11/1/14 5:58AM by Chuck Benson
Studded Tires Now Legal
As of 12:01 Saturday morning studded tires are again legal for winter driving. The Oregon Department of Transportation would prefer you find an alternative to the studs that, according to state estimates, cause up to $50 million in damage to state highways
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Posted on 10/31/14 1:36PM by Chuck Benson
Fehlhaber found guilty of first-degree assault but cleared of attempted murder
60-year-old Ronald Dale Fehlhaber was found guilty by a jury in Josephine County Circuit Court late Thursday afternoon on several charges including first-degree assault but he was exonerated of the charge of attempted murder.
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Posted on 10/31/14 10:39AM by Jared Dill
Set the Clocks Back and Hour & Check Your Smoke Alarms
This Sunday is the end of daylight savings time this year. The time change is officially at 2:00 a.m. Sunday. In order to awaken on time Sunday morning, set your clock back one hour before going to bed.
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Posted on 10/31/14 9:33AM by Chuck Benson
Voter Turnout Average
County Clerk Art Harvey is reporting voter turnout as of the close of business Thursday at 35 percent. According to Harvey, that is about average for a gubernatorial election year, with 60 to 65 percent turnout expected.
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Posted on 10/31/14 9:07AM by Chuck Benson
Friday Controlled Burn
Two small controlled burns are scheduled for today by the Oregon Department of Forestry. One acre is being burned six miles east of Cave Junction off of Robinson Corner Road and a single acre is also being torched three miles southeast of Cave Junction in the Holland Loop area.
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Posted on 10/31/14 8:26AM by Chuck Benson
Medford City Council approves various pot taxes
The Medford City Council, joining a plethora of other cities around the state, enacted various taxes on marijuana during their Thursday evening meeting.
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Posted on 10/31/14 4:26AM by Jared Dill

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