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Grants Pass City Council Wednesday evening meeting
The Grants Pass City Council met in the Council chambers Wednesday evening facing a light agenda.
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Posted on 11/19/14 7:14PM by Jared Dill
Groups Challenge Sunny Valley Gravel Mine Approval
The Josephine County Commissioner’s approval of the proposed gravel mine in Sunny Valley is now headed to the Land Use Board of Appeals.
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Posted on 11/19/14 2:40PM by Chuck Benson
Medford Considers Restrictions on Electronic Signs
Medford City Council members are considering an ordinance to restrict electronic signs. The idea is to reduce the flickering and flashing that give the city the feel of Las Vegas and that can be a distraction for drivers.
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Posted on 11/19/14 2:21PM by Chuck Benson
ODF Schedules 10 Controlled Burns in JoCo Today
The Oregon Department of Forestry has ten scheduled controlled burns in Josephine County today totaling 79 acres. Most of the burns will be southwest of Grants Pass
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Posted on 11/19/14 11:13AM by Chuck Benson
Tuesday Sheriff’s Office incidents
A suspicious truck was reported as frequenting the 300 block of Merlin Road.
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Posted on 11/19/14 10:50AM by Jared Dill
Family Sues Police & Medford Shop over Son’s Death
The parents of Christoph “Karl” LaDue have filed suit in U.S. District Court for $5 million in damages for the death of their son, claiming excessive force was used by officers attempting to restrain LaDue who was in a state of drug-related agitated delirium. The suit also names Sky High Smoke N’ Accessories for allegedly providing Bizarro Incense that supposedly was a legal, smokable, aroma therapy. The suit also names Bizarro’s producer as a
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Posted on 11/19/14 10:22AM by Chuck Benson
Jackson County Farms Sue to End Ban on GMO Crops
Two Jackson County farms have filed suit asking the state court to end the county’s ban on genetically modified crops or force the county to pay them $4.2 million, the value of the crops they would have to destroy.
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Posted on 11/19/14 9:39AM by Chuck Benson
Grants Pass woman sentenced to 15 years in prison for causing fatal traffic crash
A Grants Pass woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday in Jackson County Circuit Court for causing a car accident that killed two men.
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Posted on 11/19/14 5:38AM by Jared Dill
Fehlhaber sent to prison for Junction Inn shooting
60-year-old Ronald Dale Fehlhaber was sentenced today by Judge Pat Wolke to 90 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections for a shooting at the Junction Inn that left the victim paralyzed.
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Posted on 11/18/14 1:11PM by Jared Dill
Plea deal keeps man out of prison on sex abuse charges
A man pled guilty in Josephine County Circuit Court today to a single count of second-degree sexual abuse and the deal kept him out of prison.
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Posted on 11/18/14 10:18AM by Jared Dill

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