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Traffic Stop in Downtown Leads to Police Standoff
What began as a routine traffic stop at the intersection of 4th and D earlier this morning has turned into a police standoff with authorities evacuating part of downtown Grants Pass.
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Posted on 6/28/14 9:51AM by Chuck Benson
Hostage Situation in Downtown Grants Pass
There currently is a suspected standoff situation in the downtown Grants Pass area with a heavy police presence and SWAT on the scene.
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Posted on 6/28/14 8:58AM by Chuck Benson
Two intersections blocked for police activity
Two intersections are blocked by the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety to allow for police activity.
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Posted on 6/28/14 7:52AM by Jared Dill
Man crushed during a work related accident in the Williams area
A worker at a log operation in the Williams area 3.5 miles up Caves Camp Road was crushed Friday at approximately 5:30 a.m.
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Posted on 6/28/14 6:36AM by Jared Dill
Library to Host Presentation on Oregon Poet Laureate
The Josephine Community Library is hosting a presentation celebrating the life and poetry of Oregon Poet laureate William Stafford Saturday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Grants Pass branch on Northwest ‘C’ Street.
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Posted on 6/27/14 3:23PM by Chuck Benson
Operation Dry Water this Weekend
The Jackson County Sheriff’s office is conducting Operation Dry Water now through the weekend to raise awareness about the dangers of boating under the influence.
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Posted on 6/27/14 3:10PM by Chuck Benson
Lane County to Lead 7 Southwest Oregon Counties in Collecting Business’s Personal Property Tax
The Associated Press is reporting the legislature approved a $252,000 grant for Lane County to lead the Southwest Oregon Assessment and Taxation Coalition. Other members are Josephine, Jackson, Coos, Curry, Douglas and Klamath Counties.
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Posted on 6/27/14 2:55PM by Chuck Benson
Thursday Sheriff’s Office incidents
A burglary occurred at a residence in the 300 block of Frontage Road. Hands tools and a tractor key were stolen and a window was broken. Total cost of losses is approximately $800.
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Posted on 6/27/14 11:22AM by Jared Dill
Dog-Owner Penalties Proposed to Medford Council
Medford Police Chief Tim George provided that City Council with proposed codes to create new rules for dog owners and provide increasingly harsher penalties for repeat offenders.
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Posted on 6/27/14 10:08AM by Chuck Benson
Marijuana Tax Options to be Considered by Medford Council
Medford City Councilor Dick Gordon is urging that body to consider zoning restrictions to limit where marijuana businesses could be located and whether to and how to tax those businesses.
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Posted on 6/27/14 9:55AM by Chuck Benson

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