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Illegal Poaching Could Land Shady Cove Man in Prison
Nicholaus Rodgers, 31, of Shady Cove pled guilty yesterday Act in U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado to a single violation of the federal Lacy Act, which regulates illegal interstate hunting and trafficking of illegally obtained wildlife parts.
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Posted on 7/30/14 10:54AM by Chuck Benson
Kidnapping Conviction Gets Medford Man 10 Years
Last Friday a Jackson County jury found James Calvin Patterson Junior, 38 guilty of several charges including second-degree kidnapping and yesterday Judge Kelly Ravassipour delivered a 10-year prison sentence
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Posted on 7/30/14 10:37AM by Chuck Benson
Lightning Strikes Ignite 7 More Small Fires
Thunderstorms late yesterday started seven small fires on lands protected by ODF’s Medford unit. Fire lookouts and reconnaissance aircraft are scouting for signs of smoke.
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Posted on 7/30/14 10:17AM by Chuck Benson
Reeves Creek Fire Containment Rolled Back to 50 Percent-UPDATED
Crews completed the fireline around the 232-acre Reeves Creek Fire. Hose lines are also strung around the fire and day shift crews will be mopping up hot spots 100-150 feet inside the fireline. Some fireline relocation is also taking place to reduce the distance between the burned area and the fireline.
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Posted on 7/30/14 10:09AM by Chuck Benson
Shotgun Blast Lands Grants Pass Man in Jail
Grants Pass Police arrested and jailed 42-year-old Rodney Jones, of Northeast Talbot Drive, early Wednesday morning and charged him with unlawful use of a weapon, menacing and recklessly endangering.
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Posted on 7/30/14 9:48AM by Chuck Benson
Security guard fires shot during an assault at RCC
A security guard at Rogue Community College Redwood Campus fired shots at a suspect who assaulted her at approximately 10:14 p.m. Tuesday.
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Posted on 7/30/14 8:28AM by Jared Dill
Ashland based Islamic charity founder pleads guilty to tax fraud
The U.S. Attorney for Oregon says an Ashland-based Islamic charity has pleaded guilty to tax fraud in a plea agreement.
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Posted on 7/30/14 8:06AM by Jared Dill
The Reeves Creek Fire is now 90 percent contained
The Reeves Creek Fire near Selma is now estimated at 90 percent containment.
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Posted on 7/30/14 5:39AM by Jared Dill
Search Ongoing for Missing Shady Cove Man
New images of a missing Shady Cove man have been released by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.
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Posted on 7/29/14 2:47PM by William Hackett
Gravel Mine Wins Conditional Approval
The Josephine County Board of Commissioners approved a controversial gravel mine in Sunny Valley on Monday, so long as certain conditions be met.
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Posted on 7/29/14 2:29PM by William Hackett

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