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Fifties Festivities Continue Tonight; Big Show Saturday
A classic car line-up on “G” Street between 4th and 6th starting at 5:30 provides a spectacular, shiny centerpiece for tonight’s Back to the 50’s festivities.
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Posted on 7/25/14 2:36PM by Chuck Benson
Medford P.D. Arrests Suspected Arsonist-UPDATED
Medford Police have arrested Debra Irene Johns, who they believe is responsible for the multiple suspicious fires in Medford that began on June 25th.
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Posted on 7/25/14 10:44AM by Chuck Benson
Medford Council Turns Thumbs Down on Fire District Consolidation
Members of the Medford City Council oppose a proposal to unite Medford Fire-Rescue with Fire District No. 3.
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Posted on 7/25/14 9:57AM by Chuck Benson
Authorities say a description of the Medford Serial Arsonist may have finally been given
Authorities say a description of the Medford Serial Arsonist may have finally been given

According to Medford Police officials, a witness reported seeing a man crouching down in the 400 block of South Fir Street on Wednesday morning, where a small, intentionally set fire ignited. The suspect fled the scene, but officials describe him as a slender white male with shoulder-length hair, standing about 5-feet 10-inches tall.
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Posted on 7/25/14 9:15AM by Chuck Benson
Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy weekend. Back to the 50’s takes over Grants Pass
The Back to the 50’s celebration has taken over the City of Grants Pass with a plethora of mirth-making activities.
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Posted on 7/25/14 8:39AM by Jared Dill
A Red Flag Warning indicating fire danger has been issued for the Illinois and Applegate valleys
The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning indicating the potential for extreme fire danger from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. today in the Illinois and Applegate valleys.
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Posted on 7/25/14 5:42AM by Jared Dill
Car thief sent to prison by JoCo judge
Judge Pat Wolke sentenced 22-year-old Anthony Lynn Foster to 18 months prison time Thursday for stealing multiple vehicles and other crimes.
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Posted on 7/25/14 5:24AM by Jared Dill
Hidden Valley High School Students Recognized for Raising $35,060 for Local Fire Departments.
Three Hidden Valley High School students will be recognized Friday morning at 10 at the Parkway Public Safety Center for their efforts in raising $35,060 for local fire departments in Josephine County.
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Posted on 7/24/14 3:48PM by Chuck Benson
Deputies locate a corpse in White City
Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies located a corpse in a field near the intersection of Division Road and Avenue H in White City at approximately 7:25 p.m. Wednesday.
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Posted on 7/24/14 12:12PM by Jared Dill
Wednesday Sheriff’s Office incidents
Deputies cited and released 65-year-old Norman Victor Albers after he was stopped while riding an ATV in the area of the 3500 block of Demaray Drive for a DUII warrant.
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Posted on 7/24/14 11:06AM by Jared Dill

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