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New evacuation orders issued for the Happy Camp Complex of Fires
New evacuation orders were issued Tuesday afternoon for the Happy Camp Complex of Fires due to increased activity in the conflagration.
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Posted on 9/10/14 8:24AM by Jared Dill
Cops bust alleged car thief at the Grants Pass Travelodge
Grants Pass police converged on the Travelodge on Vine Street at roughly 8:30 a.m. Tuesday to arrest an alleged car thief.
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Posted on 9/10/14 5:23AM by Jared Dill
District 7 Enrollment Up; Summer Program Served Almost 20,000 Meals
During their Tuesday afternoon meeting the District 7 School Board learned, that although enrollment numbers at this early point in the school year are fluid, current numbers show nearly 200 additional students enrolled.
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Posted on 9/9/14 5:36PM by Chuck Benson
Less Smoke Expected from Happy Camp Fires
Favorable winds and the fact the Happy Camp Complex of fires are burning to the south and east means less smoke for Rogue Valley residents.
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Posted on 9/9/14 3:04PM by Chuck Benson
Commissioners to Approve Grants to Airport & Boys and Girls Club
The Josephine County Commissioners have two money approvals to consider during their Weekly Business Session scheduled for Wednesday night at 5:30 in the Anne Basker Auditorium.
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Posted on 9/9/14 2:46PM by Chuck Benson
Dead crow near Gold Hill was infected with West Nile Virus
A dead crow located a week ago south of Gold Hill was infected with West Nile Virus, according to information from Jackson County Vector Control released today.
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Posted on 9/9/14 11:27AM by Jared Dill
Suspected Assailant & Shooter Arrested
Grants Pass City Police have arrested a suspect in an assault with a shot fired that took place early Monday morning shortly after midnight.
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Posted on 9/9/14 11:21AM by Chuck Benson
Interstate-5 Multi-Vehicle Crash Claims One Life
State Troopers are continuing the investigation into Monday afternoon's fatal traffic crash involving 5 vehicles southbound Interstate 5 in a highway work zone about two miles south of Rogue River.
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Posted on 9/9/14 10:27AM by Chuck Benson
Monica Demands November Trial; Judge Barnack Says April
Susan Monica had a routine hearing scheduled Monday in Jackson County Circuit Court and used the opportunity to demand her trial date be moved up to November, saying she had been in jail for nine months and didnít want to continue waiting.
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Posted on 9/9/14 10:17AM by Chuck Benson
No More MMA Fights at Harry & David Field
The Medford Rogues will never again rent its facility to cage fighters according to Chuck Heeman, the baseball teamís general manager.
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Posted on 9/9/14 9:53AM by Chuck Benson

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