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Josephine County Commissioners hold public hearing on the formation of the Josephine Community Library District
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Weekly Business Session Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Anne Basker Auditorium are holding a public hearing on the formation of the Josephine Community Library District.
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Posted on 7/8/14 6:13AM by Jared Dill
ODF Gets 2nd Fire Fighting Helicopter
The Oregon Dept. of Forestry's Southwest Oregon District welcomed a second fire-fighting helicopter onto the Medford Unit's helipad Monday. The new helicopter is a Huey Type II that can haul and drop big buckets of water onto wildfires.
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Posted on 7/7/14 2:32PM by Chuck Benson
City council discusses potential of public/private partnership for the new water treatment plant
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday workshop discussed the possibility of a public/private partnership to handle either the construction, operation or both for the new water treatment plant.
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Posted on 7/7/14 2:21PM by Jared Dill
Aircraft aborts take-off and crashes at the Grants Pass Airport
An aircraft crashed after running off the end of the runway at the Grants Pass Airport at approximately 8:19 a.m. Sunday.
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Posted on 7/7/14 10:55AM by Jared Dill
School District No. 7 holds annual reorganization
The Grants Pass School District No. 7 Board during their meeting Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in the districtís administration at 725 N.E. Dean Drive are set to hold the annual reorganization of the board.
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Posted on 7/7/14 10:31AM by Jared Dill
Weekend State Trooper Incidents
Ferris Pamela Morago, 54, of Grants Pass was arrested Saturday afternoon at 1:39 by state troopers and charged with assault 2 and 4. Morago was upset with her parents over a civil suit and wanted to sign off in blood by stabbing herself in the palm with a knife. He brother, Donald Robert Sartorius, 55, began videoing the incident and Morago threw the knife at him. Then struggled with him, raking his face with her fingernails from his forehead to the eye sockets attempting to gouge the eye sockets
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Posted on 7/7/14 10:08AM by Chuck Benson
Six Times Increased Funding & Staffing for Medfordís Summer School
The Medford School District has increased staffing and funding for summer school by a factor of six in an effort to increase graduation rates.
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Posted on 7/7/14 10:07AM by Chuck Benson
Heat advisory issued for Southern Oregon
The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for both Josephine and Jackson counties extending from noon today to 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
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Posted on 7/7/14 5:43AM by Jared Dill
Wilderville Woman Arrested for Husbandís Shooting Saturday
Around 9:50pm Saturday, 911 received a report of a shooting at 483 Waters Creek Road in Wilderville. Oregon State Police patrol troopers responded and confirmed that 35-year-old Darick Jones was shot in the leg. Jonesí wife, 35-year-old Bethanie J. Jones was detained at the residence
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Posted on 7/6/14 12:57PM by Tom Ray
Midnight Dumpster Fire Damages Dental Office Saturday
Shortly after midnight Saturday, Grants Pass Fire/Rescue responded to a reported structure fire at Grants Pass Dental on NE Jackson Street. Citizens driving by spotted a burning dumpster against the building, called 911, and stopped to pull the dumpster away from the wall.
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Posted on 7/6/14 12:48PM by Tom Ray

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