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Council Funds Jail Beds, Suspends SDC’s Temporarily & Adopts 2014-15 Budget.
The Grants Pass City Council last night passed an ordinance adding a chapter to the Municipal Code establishing a jail services utility fee, then a resolution establishing the level of those fees and authorized the City Manager to negotiate a contract with the county for those jail beds.
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Posted on 6/18/14 9:02PM by Chuck Benson
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to Host NRA Competition
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a National Rifle Association Tactical Police Competition this Friday and Saturday. The event begins at 8:00 a.m. at the Jackson County Sports Park at 6900 Kershaw Road, Central Point.
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Posted on 6/18/14 2:29PM by Chuck Benson
Proposed county budget would provide for eight new Sheriff’s Office deputies
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Weekly Business Session today discussed the proposed 2014-15 fiscal year budget that would provide for an additional eight Sheriff’s Office deputies if everything goes as planned.
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Posted on 6/18/14 12:09PM by Jared Dill
New Partnership Allows RCC Grads to Transfer to U of Phoenix
A new partnership between Rogue Community College and the University of Phoenix now gives RCC students graduating with an associate’s degree the ability to transfer to the online based University to get a bachelor’s degree without losing any credits or moving out of the Rogue Valley
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Posted on 6/18/14 9:37AM by Chuck Benson
High Tech Crime Task Force to Reorganize
The Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force, consisting of officers from both local and national law enforcement agencies announced yesterday it will disassemble its Central Point Headquarters, but the officers will continue to collaborate on cases.
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Posted on 6/18/14 9:21AM by Chuck Benson
Commissioners seek applications for an open position on the Rural Area Planning Commission
The Josephine County Commissioners are accepting applications for a vacant non-voting alternate position on the Josephine County Rural Area Planning Commission.
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Posted on 6/18/14 8:25AM by Jared Dill
Commissioner Walker rebuts petition for her recall
Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker rebutted claims made by a citizen’s group, who filed for her recall, in a release she sent out late Tuesday.
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Posted on 6/18/14 5:38AM by Jared Dill
Ashland Paying Residents to Replace Thirsty Lawns
In Ashland, city officials are trying to reduce water demand by offering residents rebates on their water bills if they replace sprinkler-irrigated lawns with less-thirsty landscaping.
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Posted on 6/17/14 3:31PM by Chuck Benson
Monday Public Safety incidents
A business had vandals do $30,000 worth of damage to their fence in the 700 block of S.E. 7th Street.
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Posted on 6/17/14 10:06AM by Jared Dill
Elevated Bacteria Counts Recorded in Southern Oregon Creeks
Routine water quality tests in four Jackson County Creeks show state bacteria standards are being exceeded and pose an elevated risk of illness and infection for swimmers and waders. Low water levels are being blamed for the contamination levels that are typically not seen until much later in the summer.
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Posted on 6/17/14 10:05AM by Chuck Benson

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