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Kay-Fenn Sentenced to 20 Months
Monday Judge Pat Wolke sentenced Brenda Colleen Kay-Fenn, 47, to 20 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections after she pled guilty to two counts first degree theft.
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Posted on 7/1/14 8:57AM by Chuck Benson
Trail Man Gets 70 Months for 2nd Degree Assault; Attempted Murder Charge Dropped
Seth Abram Gilbert, 36, of Trail, was sentenced Monday to 70 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections for shooting into a vehicle and wounding two brothers while in a methamphetamine induced state last February
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Posted on 7/1/14 4:59AM by Chuck Benson
Ex-Fed-Ex Employee Sentenced to 41 Months in Federal Penitentiary
U.S. District Judge Owen Panner Sentenced Victor Manuel Chavez, 40, of Medford to 41 months in Federal Prison after Chavez pled guilty to theft from interstate shipment and money laundering
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Posted on 7/1/14 4:48AM by Chuck Benson
Council Thumbs-Up to Consider Redevelopment Agency
The Grants Pass City Council gave staff a thumbs-up to create a an advisory committee to consider a redevelopment agency and structure the resolutions to institute an agency.
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Posted on 6/30/14 1:47PM by Chuck Benson
City Experiencing Numerous Thefts from Vehicles
The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety has received numerous calls regarding property being stolen out of both locked and unlocked vehicles. The thefts are occurring not only at business parking lots, but also to vehicles parked in front of residences. They occur during the night and in broad daylight. These thefts have happened to victims who leave their cars unlocked, those who lock their cars and access is gained through breaking windows, and vehicles with their windows rolled down.
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Posted on 6/30/14 1:11PM by Chuck Benson
Medford Man Arrested after Burglarizing Home
Ryan Smythers, 27, of Medford was arrested in a Medford Fred Meyer store and jailed last night after an alert citizen observed him riffling through a purse while skate boarding, and then tossing the purse aside.
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Posted on 6/30/14 10:56AM by Chuck Benson
Medford Loosens Restrictions on Campaign Signs
The city of Medford has loosened its restrictions on campaign signs. The city previously allowed only two campaign signs on front lawns and other areas. The new ordinance removes the limit.
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Posted on 6/30/14 8:22AM by Chuck Benson
Gold Dredging the Rogue May Become a Thing of the Past
The recent discovery of elevated levels of mercury in the Rogue Riverís pikeminnow has created a reluctance among state water managers to allow general dredging in salmon habitat where levels of toxins eclipse federal Clean Water Act Standards.
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Posted on 6/30/14 4:55AM by Chuck Benson
I.V. Airport Board Meeting Tonight
There will be a regularly-scheduled meeting of the Illinois Valley Airport Advisory Board tonight at 5:30 PM at the Smokejumper Museum located on the field at 30904 Redwood Highway
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Posted on 6/30/14 4:31AM by Chuck Benson
GPDPS Seeks Publicís Help in Saturday Robbery and Assault Case
Saturday at 3:30am, Police and Fire personnel were dispatched to a reported crash in the 1200 block of Fruitdale Drive. First responders were initially unable to locate the crash and soon determined the caller was actually a victim of assault with pepper spray, robbery and vehicle theft
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Posted on 6/29/14 1:32PM by Tom Ray

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