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Recorded Interview Played in Court in Toddler Assault Case
A recorded interview with Oregon State Police Detective Tom Harrison was played in court Wednesday during the trial of Damien Gulick, who is facing charges of 1st degree assault and criminal mistreatment.
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Posted on 6/5/14 3:17PM by Chuck Benson
Thursday Public Safety incidents
A man was found unconscious in his vehicle parked in the bike lane at Williams Highway and Harbeck Road. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.
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Posted on 6/5/14 11:18AM by Jared Dill
Jackson County Finances Okay; Budget of $306 Million
Jackson County Commissioners unanimously approved a $306 million budget Wednesday and indicated the count if on firm financial footing.
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Posted on 6/5/14 10:45AM by Chuck Benson
Cadillac Crashes into Medical Building; 2 Patients Hospitalized
The Pain Specialists of Southern Oregon Building on Bennett Avenue in Medford received significant damage and two patients inside suffered injuries that sent them to the hospital when a red Cadillac crashed through the front doors of the office.
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Posted on 6/5/14 10:37AM by Chuck Benson
Medical Marijuana Dispensary set to Open in Gold Hill
Monday, the first approved medical marijuana dispensary in Jackson County is set to open. Last Monday the Gold Hill City Council approved a pair of new ordinances defining how the dispensary will operate.
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Posted on 6/5/14 10:12AM by Chuck Benson
Grants Pass High Schoolís graduation closes down portions of A Street
The City of Grants Pass is closing potions of A Street Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to accommodate the Grants Pass High School graduation ceremony.
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Posted on 6/5/14 8:20AM by Jared Dill
Construction crew strikes a gas line prompting a lock down of Phoenix High School
Phoenix High School was locked down Wednesday at roughly 10:00 a.m. after a construction crew struck a two-inch gas line.
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Posted on 6/5/14 6:26AM by Jared Dill
Council Passes Okay for Law Enforcement Grant Application & Adopted the Water Restoration Plant Plan
The Grants Pass City Council Wednesday night passed a resolution authorizing the City Manager to apply for a grant from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice fund to provide additional Juvenile Justice programs through an intergovernmental agreement with Josephine County
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Posted on 6/4/14 8:45PM by Chuck Benson
Gulick Trail Continues, likely through Friday
In the first day of testimony Tuesday in the Damien Gulick trial, prosecutors laid out the basis for the 1st degree assault and criminal mistreatment charges stemming from the alleged abuse of Gulickís two-year-old stepson in December of 2012.
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Posted on 6/4/14 3:31PM by Chuck Benson
OR-7 and Mate Produce Litter of Pups
OR-7 and a mate have produced offspring in southwest Oregonís Cascade Mountains, wildlife biologists confirmed this week. In early may biologists suspected that OR-7, originally from northeast Oregon, had a mate in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest when remote cameras captured several images of what appeared to be a black female wolf in the same area.
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Posted on 6/4/14 2:57PM by Chuck Benson

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