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Wednesday is the grand opening of the 100th annual Josephine County Fair
The 100th annual Josephine County Fair opens in Grants Pass Wednesday and there are plenty of activities for both the young and old to partake in.
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Posted on 8/12/14 8:50AM by Jared Dill
Monday night’s thunderstorm focuses lightning strikes in Jackson County; 100-acre fire reported on Rogue River Drive
Monday night’s thunderstorm peppered Jackson County and northern California with lightning strikes and a 100-acre fire exploded on Rogue River Drive between Shady Cove and Eagle Point.
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Posted on 8/12/14 5:41AM by Jared Dill
West Nile Virus Confirmed in Central Point
The West Nile virus has been found in mosquitoes collected near Central Point. It's the third consecutive year that the virus has been detected in Jackson County. The last known human case in the southwest Oregon county was in 2005.
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Posted on 8/11/14 3:09PM by Chuck Benson
Jackson County Alerts Public to Watch for Unhealthy Smoke Levels
Jackson County health officials and the DEQ are urging the public to watch for unhealthy smoke levels as the weather patterns are changing and may cause smoke levels to raise.
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Posted on 8/11/14 3:04PM by Chuck Benson
Council adds a water treatment plant pilot study to a future agenda
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday workshop gave the approval to place a pilot study for the proposed water treatment plant on a future agenda.
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Posted on 8/11/14 2:45PM by Jared Dill
Beaver Complex 74% Contained
The Beaver Complex of fires is now listed as 74 percent contained and some of the resources are being re-distributed, although 1,435 personnel remain assigned to the fire, primarily the Oregon Gulch fire. They are supported by six helicopters and 44 engines.
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Posted on 8/11/14 10:15AM by Chuck Benson
District Seven Board to Vote on College Dreams Agreement
The Grants Pass School District Seven Board will meet Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. in the District offices on Dean Drive.
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Posted on 8/11/14 9:48AM by Chuck Benson
Power outage closes down the Grants Pass Airport
A power outage Sunday at roughly 3:47 p.m. in the Merlin area affected approximately 3,300 Pacific Power Customers.
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Posted on 8/11/14 8:23AM by Jared Dill
The Rogue Valley, Illinois Valley and surrounding areas are in a Red Flag Warning
The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the Rogue Valley, Illinois Valley and surrounding areas.
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Posted on 8/11/14 6:53AM by Jared Dill
Oregon Gulch Fire 64% Contained; Mop-up Continues
The Oregon Gulch Fire is now listed at 64 percent contained and completely lined as the 1,458 assigned personnel continue strengthening those lines
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Posted on 8/10/14 11:08AM by Tom Ray

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