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Wolke Sentences Crow to 40 Days with 5 Years Probation
Judge Pat Wolke sentenced Kandi Crow to 40 days in jail and 5 years probation stemming from her animal hoarding incident. She faced 22 counts of animal neglect two, 17 counts of animal abuse two, and 5 counts of prohibited possession of domestic animals.

During probation Crow is to have no contact with animals, all animals must be removed from her property. She may not board, lease, borrow or in any way have any contact with any animal, “even a hamster” said Judge Wolke.

Crow’s restitution was capped at just over $40,000, but the animal auction produced over $80,000, so no restitution was included in the sentence. She will pay fines and fees and additionally my face a civil proceeding with Josephine County.
Posted on 10/16/13 11:06AM by Chuck Benson