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Pacific Power warns customers to be wary of imposters
Pacific Power is warning customers to be wary of a group of scammers who imitate Pacific Power employees and demand money in order to keep power flowing to residences.

Pacific Power Spokesman Tom Gauntt says a gang of imposters is both calling customers and occasionally arriving at residences in person and they say that the victim’s residence needs to have their meter replaced immediately unless they want their power to be turned off. They request either cash in person or for the person to retrieve a money order as quickly as possible. If the scam is administered through a phone call they request debit or credit card information.

Gauntt says Pacific Power employees will not hesitate to offer official I.D. and anyone who suspects a scam may be occurring should call Pacific Power by dialing 888-221-7070 with the employee’s identification number.
Posted on 1/24/14 8:25AM by Jared Dill