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Boater’s Advisory: Boat Inspection Stations Now Open
Should you be planning on taking your personal watercraft outside of Boatnik’s realm this holiday weekend you should be aware the aquatic invasive species boat inspections stations are now open in Ashland, Gold Beach, Klamath Falls, Lakeview and Ontario.

All vehicles carrying motorized or non-motorized boats are required to stop. Motorists are alerted to inspection stations by orange “Boat Inspection Ahead” signs followed by a white “Inspection Required for all Watercraft” sign. Failure to stop could result in a $110 fine.

Inspections generally take about 10 minutes if the craft is free of any invasive species. If invasive species are found it will be decontaminated with no cost or penalty to the boat owner.

The Ashland station is on I-5 at the Ashland port of entry and is open seven days a week.
Posted on 5/20/14 9:21AM by Chuck Benson