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Medford Police Increase Patrols as Authorities Link 13 Fires.
Medford Police have increased patrols in their hunt for an arsonist who is believed responsible for a string of 13 fires set over the last three weeks.

Police believe his first fire was the massive blaze that leveled a former fruit packing plant in downtown Medford June 25th. The 16,552 square foot building was worth an estimated $366,000 and investigators have determined it was human caused.

Authorities point to the similarity of other arson fires as reason to believe one person is responsible. All fires have been set from the exterior of the buildings along an alley in the early morning hours. They suspect the arsonist is traveling by foot.

If one person is responsible for all the fires the destruction of the packing plant is the largest, and the danger elevated when an elderly woman had to be evacuated from her home in the Tuesday morning fire.

Police are urging Medford residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Any information about this case should be reported to the Medford Police Department at 541-774-2230.
Posted on 7/16/14 10:18AM by Chuck Benson