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School Board Passes Resolution To Issue Procurement Cards
The District Seven School Board unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of individual procurement cards for District employees. It is the first required step to enter into a contract with a bank to secure procurement cards.

It is close to being a necessity because significant vendors the District deals with will no longer accept purchase order because of the cumbersome paperwork system. The district itself should see significant savings also. The Districtís cost to process a purchase order is around $200 and the procurement cards would bring that down to the ten for forty dollar area, plus there would be just one monthly payment instead of checks to individual vendors.

Superintendent Higgens stated he favored just a few cards with significant oversight involved.

The board also approved the travel of Lois MacMillan to participate in the Gettysburg Address 150th Anniversary Celebration in Pennsylvania on the 19th. Ms. MacMillan was one of three teachers chosen nationwide to attend. Her expenses are being borne by independent organizations.