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Former SOU Students Snared for Vandalizing Ashland Jewish Center in December
Two young men have been arrested for vandalizing a Jewish Center in Ashland last month. The Ashland Police Department reports officers responded to the incident at the Chabad Jewish Center on December 14th. Video evidence from the scene and surrounding businesses showed three people approach the center with one of them throwing eggs while yelling "Heil Hitler." APD posted video evidence of the incident on social media and the suspects were identified almost immediately. The primary suspect was identified as 18-year-old Zachary Demarest of Corvallis and another suspect was identified as 18-year-old Jacob Wilhelm of Blackfoot, Idaho. The third person was not implicated in the crime and is therefore not being named. APD Chief Tighe O'Meara said all three people were students at Southern Oregon University at the time of the incident. He said they left the area for winter break shortly after the incident was reported. Two of them are no longer enrolled at SOU. Demerest -- who was the person seen throwing the eggs -- was contacted and told to turn himself in. He did so on January 19th and was lodged at the Jackson County Jail for 2nd-Degree Bias Crime and 3rd-Degree Criminal Mischief. Wilhelm's involvement consisted of him encouraging Demarest's criminal behavior, which made him a criminal co-conspirator. He was cited to appear in court for Bias Crime and Criminal Mischief.
Posted on 1/27/24 5:23AM by Chuck Benson

GP Police Jailed Man for Allegedly Choking Girlfriend at Cloverlawn Drive Home
Grants Pass Police jailed a man for allegedly choking his girlfriend during an argument at a home in the southeast part of the city late last night. The Police Department reports officers arrested for 54-year-old Lance Arthur Nickerson at 12:24 this morning for the incident that occurred in the 1900-block of Cloverlawn Drive. Police said they were alerted to the incident by the victim who called 9-1-1 and reported a domestic disturbance before hanging up on the dispatcher. The call-taker then alerted the police department and officers responded to the home. An investigation determined that Nickerson impeded the normal breathing to his girlfriend of nine months by wrapping both of his hands around her neck and squeezing. The victim advised police that he choked her for about one minute, and then grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face on the corner of a door. Photos of the victim's injuries were taken for documentation, but the woman was not seriously hurt. The suspect denied touching his girlfriend and claimed she created her own injuries. The suspect was subsequently placed into custody. Lance Nickerson was lodged at the Josephine County Jail on charges of Domestic Strangulation and Domestic Harassment. He was being held without bail.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:31AM by Sam Marsh

Deputies Jailed Wolf Creek Woman for Violating Court Order after Contacting Ex
The Josephine County Sheriff's Office jailed a Wolf Creek woman for violating a court order after she drove to a Hugo area home and began yelling at the protected party on Thursday. The Sheriff's Office reports deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the 600-block of Oxyoke Road at about 2:30 p.m. yesterday. Deputies said an investigation determined that 50-year-old Stephanie Vey arrived at the home and started yelling at her estranged boyfriend despite a court order prohibiting her from contacting him or being near his residence. There was a claim that the suspect broke a window on the victim's vehicle, but no one was hurt. After determining there was probable cause to arrest Stephanie Vey, deputies followed her on northbound Interstate 5 to her home where they placed her into custody. Vey was transported to Grants Pass and lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Contempt of Court/Restraining Order Violation. She was being held without bail.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:29AM by Sam Marsh

Downtown Drug Overdose Led to Arrest of GP Man for DUII & Parole Violations
Grants Pass Police arrested a local felon for drugged driving and the resulting post-prison supervision violation after an overdose in the downtown area yesterday. According to the Police Department, officers and emergency crews responded to the incident involving 31-year-old Tyler Christopher Bacon, Jr., near the corner of SE 7th and G streets on Thursday around 11:25 a.m.. Police said callers reported the driver of a Mazda sedan was unable to maintain a single travel lane before he stopped at the downtown intersection and passed out. Witnesses advised the man was turning blue and his head was "bobbing around." Bystanders attempted to enter the car to render aid, but the vehicle was locked. Officers arrived on scene and identified the unconscious driver as Bacon, who was not breathing due to a drug overdose. Medics were able to revive him with two doses of Narcan and he was taken by ambulance to Three Rivers Medical Center. Bacon was charged with Driving Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance as well as Felony Parole Violation stemming from a September 2023 conviction in which he served a one-month jail sentence for unspecified crimes. He was cited to appear in court and left in the care of medical staff, but he has since been medically cleared and lodged in jail. His vehicle was impounded.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:28AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Snared Impaired Woman for Causing Ruckus near Downtown Safeway
Grants Pass Police arrested a well-known criminal offender yesterday for causing a ruckus in the downtown area while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to the Police Department, officers responded to reports of a violent woman involved in a disturbance near the Safeway store on SE 7th Street at about 12:45 p.m. Thursday. Police said 33-year-old Morgan Delin Weber was reported to be in the roadway while acting violent and yelling at passing motorists. They said she was harassing Safeway customers and she threw a beer in the street when contacted by officers. While being placed into custody, she tried to twist away and kicked at them. Weber was quickly subdued, handcuffed and placed into a patrol vehicle for the trip to the Josephine County Jail where she was booked for Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct and Offensive Littering. She was also charged with Parole Violation and was being held without bail. She was trespassed from Safeway.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:26AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Incarcerated Man for Boorish Behavior at DMV Office on Beacon Drive
Grants Pass Police arrested a man for his boorish behavior at the local office of the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles early yesterday. The Police Department reports officers responded to the disturbance involving 64-year-old Thomas Michael Campbell at the DMV office on NE Beacon Drive on Thursday around 8:30 a.m.. Police said an investigation determined that Campbell shouted at employees and threw items all over the DMV waiting room. They said he was escorted outside by workers and the door was locked for the safety of employees and customers. That's when he started hitting and kicking the doors while shouting statements about being a sovereign citizen. He finally left and was taken into custody at Fred Meyer. Thomas Campbell was lodged at the nearby jail for Disorderly Conduct and he was being held without bail.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:24AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Captured Man on Warrant after He Reported Vehicle Stolen in County
Grants Pass Police apprehended a man on a local warrant after he showed up at the station early yesterday to report a stolen vehicle. According to the Police Department, officers arrested 58-year-old Robert Vincent Jones at the GPPD headquarters on NE 7th Street at 2:15 a.m. Thursday. Police said Jones arrived in the GPPD lobby to report his 1996 Crown Victoria had been stolen from the 800-block of Plumtree Lane which is in the jurisdiction of the Josephine County Sheriff's Office. Officers advised the Sheriff's Office of the auto heist and patrol deputies were on the lookout for the dark-green vehicle. Jones' information was run through dispatch and there was a valid Jackson County warrant for his arrest. He was wanted for failing to appear in court for Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct and Driving While Suspended. Robert Jones was placed into custody and lodged at the Josephine County Jail on the warrant. It was not disclosed whether deputies had located his stolen vehicle.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:22AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Collared Woman on Felony Warrant during City Park Patrol Check
Grants Pass Police apprehended a woman wanted on a local felony warrant while performing a city park patrol check yesterday. The Police Department reports officers arrested 48-year-old Jenavee Marie Smith at Westholm Park on SW Wildwood Avenue on Thursday at 12:13 p.m.. Police said they contacted Smith in a tent while she was under the influence of methamphetamine. They discovered that she was wanted on a Josephine County felony warrant for Parole Violation stemming from a larceny conviction. She was reportedly uncooperative while being placed into custody. Jenavee Smith was lodged in jail on the local warrant and she was being held on a no-bail detainer. She was also warned for Resisting Arrest and Criminal Trespass before being trespassed from Westholm Park for the next 30 days.
Posted on 1/26/24 11:20AM by Sam Marsh
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Portland Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Role in Eagle Point Pot Robbery
A Portland man with a lengthy criminal history has been sentenced to federal prison for his role in an armed robbery targeting a Southern Oregon marijuana grower. The US Attorney's Office for the District of Oregon reports 35-year-old Kenan Dizdarevic was sentenced this week to 107 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release. He was also ordered to pay restitution to victims. According to court documents, Dizdarevic and another individual entered a home located on a secluded marijuana grow near Eagle Point in the early morning hours of November 2, 2019. Wearing dark clothing, gloves, body armor and ski masks, and armed with multiple firearms, the two suspects shouted, "police search warrant" before handcuffing and placing two individuals face down on the floor. Dizdarevic and his accomplice demanded money and guns from the two victims and eventually made off with more than 30 pounds of marijuana and one of the victim's vehicles. Law enforcement located the stolen vehicle traveling with another car on Interstate 5. During the lengthy pursuit that exceeded 120 miles per hour and traversed three counties, the stolen vehicle successfully eluded police. After being disabled by a spike strip, the second vehicle came to a stop in Douglas County and the driver fled on foot. A search warrant executed on the vehicle found ski masks, zip ties, handcuffs, tactical vests and multiple firearms. Investigators determined that Dizdarevic and a third individual traveled together to the Eagle Point robbery in the vehicle after they found fingerprints and personal belongings. Dizdarevic was eventually arrested in June 2022 and in August 2023, he pleaded guilty to charges of Interfering with Commerce by Robbery and Conspiring with Others to Possess with Intent to Distribute Marijuana.
Posted on 1/26/24 6:31AM by Sam Marsh
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NWS Issues Hydrologic Outlook for Potential Flooding in Parts of SW Oregon
The National Weather Service has issued another Hydrologic Outlook warning of the potential for flooding in parts of southwest Oregon. The short-term outlook is for quick rises and potential flooding along streams and creeks as well as ponding of water in low-lying areas and poorly drained urban areas in Curry, western Josephine, Coos and western Douglas counties. The NWS says a front will stall along the Southern Oregon coast today through Saturday, producing a prolonged period of moderate to heavy rain over those areas. Precipitation could potentially exceed six inches in some areas over less than 24 hours. The heaviest rain is expected to fall in central and southern Curry County. As soils are already saturated, this period of heavy rainfall could result in flooding along area waterways along with ponding of water in low-lying areas. The rainfall could also lead to increased occurrences of rock-falls and landslides. A Flood Potential Outlook is issued when there is potential for significant rises or flooding along rivers and streams. The exact scenario remains uncertain. Watches and Warnings may be issued by the Weather Service if the situation worsens.
Posted on 1/26/24 6:29AM by Sam Marsh
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Grants Pass Police Corralled Violent Woman after Bridge Street Disturbance
Grants Pass Police arrested a woman for causing a violent disturbance in a west-side neighborhood and then fighting with responding officers this week. According to the Police Department, officers were alerted to the incident involving 45-year-old Sarah Lavonne Henderson in the 1100-block of SW Bridge Street on Wednesday morning. A man identified as Henderson's boyfriend had called 9-1-1 to report that she had been smoking "crack" and was on a "binder." The woman was in possession of her boyfriend's dog as the incident unfolded. Police said Henderson was causing a commotion in front of a residence. They said she had destroyed the interior of the home, walked outside and began shouting at passing vehicles. Her actions caused public alarm and she threatened to fight officers who tried to place her into custody. Henderson reportedly twisted and pulled her arms away to prevent arrest and she kicked at officers multiple times. Due to her violent behavior, she was placed in handcuffs and ankle restraints. Her boyfriend who made the call had to assist by unhooking his dog from the leash she had tightly wound around her wrist. Sarah Henderson was lodged at the Josephine County Jail for Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct. She was being held without bail.
Posted on 1/26/24 6:28AM by Sam Marsh
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GP Police Jailed Man for Vandalizing Josephine County Courthouse Door
Grants Pass Police jailed a young man for vandalizing an entrance to the Josephine County Courthouse early yesterday. The Police Department reports officers arrested 20-year-old Jackson David Sutton for the crime on Thursday at 3:04 a.m.. Police said Sutton was reported to be banging on the glass doors at the north entrance to the building. Upon arrival, they observed the suspect writing on a glass door. Announcements were made and the suspect turned to face officers while yelling nonsensical statements such as "I am God" and "I'm in charge of the alien police force." He then placed his hands in his pockets and refused to remove them. Sutton refused to comply when told to turn around and acted in an unpredictable manner. However, he immediately complied upon seeing the activation of a Taser. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had used a permanent marker to deface the glass door with vulgar tags. Jackson Sutton was transported to the Josephine County Jail where he was lodged for 2nd-Degree Criminal Mischief. He was also provided with a citation for other graffiti-related violations.
Posted on 1/26/24 6:18AM by Sam Marsh
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