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Commissioners approve moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Wednesday business session approved a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Citizens gave public comment on the topic and they had diverse opinions. Several citizens explained how many caveats this topic has and they supported a moratorium to work out the details. Others spoke of patientís needs and how the moratorium would block medicine for the afflicted. The potential revenue from created jobs, religious implications of legalized marijuana and that the topic should be put to the vote of the people were also ideas brought forward by the public.

Both present commissioners, Simon Hare and Keith Heck, said they understood how difficult the issue is and that is why they felt the moratorium was essential for the county so ground rules and the communityís desires about the issue could be better understood. Both commissioners supported placing a non-binding question on the November Ballot to understand how the public felt about dispensaries.

Commissioners also approved a contract with OBEC consulting engineers to the amount of $185,000 for the drafting of plans for the replacement of the Woodcock Creek Bridge. Total construction costs are estimated at $500,000.
Posted on 4/16/14 12:01PM by Jared Dill

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