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Ashland Police Initiate Bike Theft Sting; Five Arrested
The Ashland Police Department has employed an anti-theft device for a bicycle that alerts the owner of a theft in progress and allows the bike to be traced in real time. The effort is an attempt to curtail one of the most persistent property crimes in Ashland.

Ashland P.D. initiated the operation October 4th deploying a bicycle worth several hundred dollars owned by the department and the bicycle was placed at various locations in the city.

In the first week using the system, the Ashland Police arrested five different men, in five different incidents of bike theft.

Arrested were Martin Zukis, 33, of Talent, Roy Wise, 55, of Ashland, Jonathan Sanders, 28, of Medford, Cale Dudley, 31, of Ashland, and Derrick Mills, 48, also of Ashland.

There was an additional activation and successful track of the bike however the suspect had discarded the bike and fled prior to officer’s arrival.
Posted on 10/14/13 3:05PM by Chuck Benson