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Special District Proposal for Downtown Medford Defeated
A special downtown economic improvement district for downtown Medford proposed by the Heart of Medford Association was thwarted by downtown property owners. About 120 property owners said no to the idea that would have marketed and beautified the city’s downtown core.

The proposed assessments would be based on the amount of linear feet of the store frontage with a cap of $2,500 annually on any one property and a cap of $500 for a non-profit property. Residential properties and parking lots would be exempt. Property owners would be required to pay the tax, even for an empty building.

The proposed district would extend from Bear Creek on the east to Holly Street on the west and from 10th Street on the south to 4th Street on the north.

The Medford City Council gave the Association another year to gather support for the proposed taxing district that would collect $271,000 over a three year period.
Posted on 10/22/13 8:45AM by Chuck Benson