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Council Upholds Appeal of Tussing Park Expansion
The Grants Pass City Council last night unanimously upheld a citizenís appeal of the Tussing Park expansion, directing staff create a plan to deal with public safety in the area and develop a new concept for the park.

The expansion included adding a permanent restroom, a walking path and more parking to include an A.D.A. space. The appellant and many of his West Park Street neighbors pointed out how narrow the road was in the area, the unsavory crowd inhabiting the park and the alleged drug dealing in the area and the traffic it created.

The council also approved a sign code appeal for the Seventh Day Adventist School allowing a 100 foot mural and temporary banners to be hung from the school.

The city manager was authorized to enter into a contract with Securance Consulting for a performance audit of the cityís information technology department for $27,076.

A motion was also passed to support a Grants Pass Pro Bowling Event with $5,000 to go to TCA when contracts securing the event are signed.
Posted on 11/6/13 9:55PM by Chuck Benson