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Fix for Gold Hill Water Treatment Plant Delayed
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the City of Gold Hill have extended the timeline to fix that cityís failing water treatment plant by as much as two years.

Last year the plant was deemed a risk for catastrophic failure by the D E Q, and the cash strapped city of Gold Hill signed an agreement to remedy the situation by February of next year.

The plant had been in violation for more than a decade for releasing increasingly high levels into the Rogue River.

The City Manager told the council there are unexplained problems with the sewer collection system, the plant is receiving flow that is not standard for the cityís population. In addition the flow meters are not working properly.

According to the City Manager, they canít really say what they do or donít need to fix and one to two winters worth of flow data is needed to determine what the city needs to plan for.
Posted on 11/11/13 10:17AM by Chuck Benson