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Grants Pass City Council, Motion Approving The RFP Scope For The Department Of Public Safety
The Grants Pass City Council heard and voted unanimously on a motion approving the RFP scope for the Department Of Public Safety, (DPS.) The motion includes a strategic plan not used since 2007, and will implement the plan this fiscal year.

The scope of the plan, (in broad terms) would include a review of organizational structure for both police and fire departments, how the cross training between departments can be improved, and how successful systems might be strengthened. As well as a system for benchmarking both services and their corresponding support staff, ( reviewing stats and performance records.)

The cost of the plan would be $100,000 which translates to about 1% of the city’s public safety budget.

The plan also included a survey of public feedback.
Posted on 11/20/13 8:33PM by Kyle Dunlap