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Medford Asks for Public Input on Proposed New Public Safety Buildings
Last September the Medford City Council approved a $2 per month increase in a public safety utility fee to pay for new fire facilities and a new police station. Now the Police and Fire departments have teamed with the U of O to gauge local reaction by posting an online survey. The responses, which take about ten minutes to provide, will remain anonymous.

The survey is designed to determine how well the police and fire departments are informing the public.

The 30-year surcharge added to utility fees has come under criticism from various community members.

The fees will pay off $32 million in bonds for the new police headquarters and fire stations. The council also approved raising rental car fees to pay for a $6 million expansion at U.S. Cellular Park.

The fee will rise from $2 monthly eventually hitting $4.82 monthly by the fifth year. During that period other fees would decline making the net increase at the end of five years at $2.08 monthly.
Posted on 11/29/13 10:24AM by Chuck Benson