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New Scam Hits Southern Oregon
The public should always be skeptical about unsolicited phone calls requesting or demanding money for payment for questionable reasons. The latest version of this scam occurred this weekend when a Talent resident was contacted telephonically by a person identifying himself as Deputy Bryan Duncan, with the Jackson County Sheriffís Office. The caller was told she owed money regarding a case and if she didnít pay immediately they would charge her several thousand dollars.

The victim gave the caller payment information and hung up. After talking with a friend about the experience she called 911 and confirmed she had been scammed. She was able to cancel the payment information and didnít lose money.

If you receive a call with someone inquiring about your personal information be sure to verify the call and the company are both legitimate. Be sure you feel completely comfortable before supplying any personal information.
Posted on 12/3/13 3:08PM by Chuck Benson