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Imposter Solicits Photos of Young Girls
An imposter, allegedly posing as an employee of the Medford-based IMD Modeling, has been soliciting photos of Rogue Valley girls.

According to the modeling agency’s owner, the imposter, who goes by the name Elena Brown, created a Facebook page similar to IMD’s and posed as a modeling scout, contacting teens on Facebook asking for photos and wondering if they would consider nude photos.

The agency contacted police at that time and the fake page was taken down, but recently reappeared.

The agency contacted Elena Brown through the social media network and the page was deactivated again. IMD Modeling suspects Brown is still sending out emails through a g-mail address. IMD Modeling does not use g-mail.

No police report has been filed because police do not have evidence of criminal activity at this point.
Posted on 12/13/13 9:54AM by Chuck Benson