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Free Treated Water for Shady Cove
A portion of Shady Cove, including downtown and the Shady Cove Mobile Home Park, will soon be receiving more treated water thanks to Shady Cove Water Works, its owner America West Bank and Ernie Dodson, owner of the mobile home park.

The installation of a system consisting of 1,500 feet of pipe that will draw water from the Rogue River, treat it and store it in a 500,000 gallon water tank above town, should be complete sometime next week.

The Water Works was originally designed to be the water system for the entire town, but after the crash in 2008, defaulted to the bank, scaled back, and is currently for sale. The bank realized the system needed expansion to make it more saleable and the mobile home park decided it was best to get on a guaranteed delivery system and helped the bank pay for the expansion.

Shady Cove Water Works will still be able to serve only a small portion of the town, with 95 percent of residents still on wells or small community systems.
Posted on 12/16/13 10:24AM by Chuck Benson