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Trucker loses rig on I-5
A trucker lost his rig on I-5 near the Merlin Exit Friday morning after his truck slid down an embankment.

The driver, Jim Giguere of Wheaton, Calif., hit some debris in the roadway and pulled his truck to the side of the road to check if any damage had been sustained. As he stepped out of the vehicle, he slipped, fell and the truck, which was parked in neutral on uneven ground, began to slide down the embankment.

The truck struck an insulator containing power lines and power was knocked out for 26 residences for a period of time.

The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports Giguere had his truck towed and was able to continue his journey with another rig.
Posted on 1/4/14 7:28AM by Jared Dill