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Mountain Bike Accident Claims Central Point Manís Life
Mountain Bike Accident Claims Central Point Manís Life

54-year-old Craig Steven Lyle of Central Point was found dead Saturday after an apparent mountain bike accident on the Old Military Road near Johnís Peak.

Lyle, who was wearing a helmet, gloves and other riding gear, was seen traveling at a high rate of speed down a dirt road by two ATV riders, who were just ending their ride in the Johnís Peak Off-Highway Vehicle area when he sped by. After leaving the OHV area, the two found Lyle lying in the middle of a dirt road near his mountain bike and called 911 at about 4pm.

Jackson County Sheriffís Office investigators surmise that Lyle lost control of his bike or swerved to avoid something, causing him to fly off the bike and strike the road surface. They alluded that the quality of Lyleís gear and bike pointed to him being an experienced rider.
Posted on 1/5/14 11:49AM by Tom Ray