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Commissioners to Appoint New B.C.C. Chair at Weekly Business Session-CORRECTION
The Josephine County Commissioners are expected to appoint Cherryl Walker to Chair the Board at the weekly business session Wednesday night at 5:30 in the Anne Basker Auditorium at 500 Northwest 6th Street.

Keith Heck will likely be appointed as Vice Chair.

The Board Chair normally serves one year in the position. Earlier we reported Commissioner Hare was elected to his second term because of the newness of fellow commissioners at the time due to the recall of Commissioner Cassanelli. To be more accurate the recall occurred in 2011 and Commissioner Hareís second term was from 2012 through 2013, well removed from the recall.

The Commissionerís consent calendar, in addition to the approval of several sets of minutes, also contains the appointment of Bob Morgan to the countyís Mental Health Advisory Board, and the re-appointment of Linda Friebus to the Housing and Community Development Council. Each will serve a four year term.
Posted on 1/8/14 10:44AM by Chuck Benson