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Bar fighter sentenced to 12 years in prison
The man involved in a bloody and brutal bar fight in the former Home Stretch Tavern on Fruitdale Drive was sentenced today by Judge Pat Wolke to 12 years in prison.

In Feb. 2012, 68-year-old Joseph Roden and 49-year-old Daniel Bowen were drinking at the tavern in the evening on Super Bowl Sunday when they both entered the bathroom. Testimony is conflicting, but both men emerged from the restroom a short time later with injuries. Roden then attacked Bowen with a pool cue, knocked a knife from Bowen’s hand, grabbed the knife and stabbed Bowen in the stomach exposing his intestines. Both men eventually collapsed and were transported to the hospital.

Deputy District Attorney Lisa Turner told the court that Bowen’s life has been permanently changed because of this incident. Bowen is under mental distress, disfigured and permanently handicapped due to the attack. She said Roden’s bloodied brass knuckles located in the bathroom indicated he was the aggressor.

Defense Attorney Donald Scales says Bowen was the aggressor and when Roden was at a urinal in the bathroom Bowen began stabbing Roden in the back and Roden retaliated because he feared for his life.

A jury found Roden guilty of multiple assault and unlawful use of a weapon charges in December. The jury was hung on a charge of attempted murder.

Roden previously served prison time in California on a murder charge and multiple assault charges.
Posted on 1/8/14 11:09AM by Jared Dill