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County Host Town Hall in City Council Chambers to Discuss Dimmick Tower
Impact of the razing of the Dimmick Tower, formerly the Josephine Memorial Hospital, and what to do with the land when its cleared is the topic of a Town Hall meeting being hosted by county officials in the City Council Chambers Thursday night at six.

The building has been closed for years because of asbestos, mold and lead contained in the building with a leaking roof that has compromised the rest of the interior.

Itís estimated the demolition will cost right at $1 million with forty percent being paid by a state grant. The balance will come from a low interest loan that wonít have to be repaid until the property begins to generate revenue.

The County and City are coordinating the options for development of the property after the tower is gone.

Thursdayís meeting will consist of a presentation and then the public will be given the opportunity to ask questions of city and county staff plus representatives of a consulting firm specializing in environmental science and engineering and a firm that focuses on urban planning.
Posted on 1/29/14 3:02PM by Chuck Benson