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Lottery Crowns Another Southern Oregon Millionaire
Don and Betty Gaeden of Central Point, kept their winning $4.1 million ticket in Oregonís Megabucks Game a secret for more than a month before claiming their prize this week.

The Gaedenís talked with a financial planner to find out the best way to collect their winnings, and learn about the tax implications of winning such a prize before making the trip to Salem. They opted for the lump sum, instead of 25 annual installments, and walked away with $1.37 million after taxes. Don Gaeden is retired and his wife works in a Medford-area hospital.

Gaeden and his wife join an increasing number of winners from Southern Oregon, including Don Ross from Jacksonville who won $1 million in Powerball nearly one month ago. Like Ross, the Gaedens say they arenít going to be changing their lifestyle that much. The couple said the only big purchases they had in mind are new tires and some drapes.

Don Gaeden is the 243rd millionaire created by Oregonís Game Megabucks. He took advantage of the 26 plays for $25 special for the winning ticket at the Roxy Ann Lanes in Medford.
Posted on 5/13/14 2:26PM by Chuck Benson