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District 7 Reserves Right to Overturn Student Expulsions
The 2014-15 District 7 School calendar was approved by the School Board at their Tuesday afternoon meeting at the District Office on Dean Drive. The Board also approved a change in expulsion procedures allowing the Board to reverse an expulsion.

The Board also approved requests for the High School’s Future Business Leaders and the SkillsUSA group to travel to national competitions plus they changed the request for family and medical leave form clarifying and some language.

The Board was also given a presentation on elementary report card revisions for next year reflecting proficiency grading. The grading scale will be one to four with three representing the student performing to the grade level expectation by the end of the year. For instance, a student entering the 1st grade would not be expected to perform to the expected level for a student finishing the 1st grade.

In other board business Jessica Durant was appointed Principal of Riverside Elementary School effective July 1st. the Board also gave their blessing to having the refurbished Caveman reside on the High School campus from the 19th through the 24th of the month until he is retrieved to take part in the Boatnik Parade.
Posted on 5/13/14 6:39PM by Chuck Benson