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Commissioner’s Business Session Cut Short After Oath-Keeper Demonstration
The Josephine County Board of Commissioners Weekly business session was convened at 5:30 and adjourned at 5:48 p.m. Wednesday night by Board Chair Cherryl Walker after a group of men and women, most wearing Oath-Keeper T-shirts refused to take their seats.

The meeting began with a review of the county’s grant agreement of up to $50,000 for the Sobering Center. Then, as has been the protocol during the Business Session, the floor was opened to Requests/Comments from Citizens.

The first man, Tom Snider stepped to the microphone and the entire contingent of Oath-Keepers stood. He finished his remarks, dressing down the board for failing to make BLM remove the gates the federal agency has placed on forest roads, and as he sat, so did the crowd.

The second citizen to approach the public microphone was Rob Lee, who spoke on the same topic, again with the Oath-Keepers standing. When Lee finished Chairman Walker acknowledged the Oath-Keepers message and instructed the crowd to remain seated so those not standing could see.

The third citizen was Jack Swift and again the Oath-Keepers stood and Board Chair Walker instructed the time keeper to hold Mr. Swift’s time while she addressed the crowd outlining the steps the Board had taken to have the gates removed and intimated progress was expected soon. Then she again instructed the crowd to take their seats. When none did, she adjourned the meeting with no votes taken.
Posted on 5/14/14 6:35PM by Chuck Benson