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Judge Wolke helps ensure serial bank robber never leaves prison
Judge Pat Wolke today sentenced a serial bank robber to seven and a half years in prison that will run consecutively to a 70 years to life sentence already being served in California.

53-year-old Mark Allen Quinn entered the Umpqua Bank on F Street in Grants Pass with his son, then 18-year-old Michael Quinn, on March 27, 2012, and threatened four tellers with a gun. The Quinns both escaped from the scene with a large amount of cash.

Californian authorities arrested the Quinns the following May in a hotel room in Rancho Corodova, Calif., where a pellet gun was located. Californian authorities were unaware of the Quinns robbery in Grants Pass and Mark Quinn was charged with robbing a bank in Eldorado Hills and another at Lake Tahoe. Further investigation in Oregon led detectives to the Quinn duo who were eventually charged nearly a year later with the Grants Pass robbery.

Deputy District Attorney Lisa Turner says, “Quinn has a significant victimizing history,” and that she wanted to be certain his Oregon sentence would keep him in prison in case the California prison system released him early. Defense Attorney Gary Berlant told the court Mark Quinn had no intention to hurt the tellers and that intent was clear because he brought a pellet gun with him to commit the crime.

Mark Quinn asked Judge Wolke for compassion and to not let him die in prison. Judge Wolke said, “Frankly Mr. Quinn, I don’t care if your 100 when you get out.”

Mark Quinn previously pled guilty to first-degree robbery and first-degree aggravated theft. He was ordered to pay $17,413 in restitution to Umpqua Bank.
Posted on 5/15/14 1:17PM by Jared Dill