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Downward Departure from Measure 11 Crimes Frees Selma Man with Time Served
Tommy Edward Dodson, 66, of Grants Pass was sentenced to time served, 135 days, 5 years of probation supervision and forbidden to go anywhere near his victims or their property in the Forest Creek Road area.

Dodson, who can neither read nor write, is accused of stabbing two men in the leg early on November 26th of last year. According to court testimony three men were burning debris on a cold day when Dodson appeared. The men gave him a coat and wool blanket and tried to get him to leave their property, but he kept coming back and attempted enter their homes. He allegedly hit one man in the ribs with a rock and stabbed him and another man in the leg.

Dodson pleaded no contest and Judge Wolke agreed with the plea bargain request for the downward departure from the measure 11 charges, citing the fact that neither man required medical attention for their wounds, and there was some question about Dodsonís medical/mental condition at the time of the incident. Dodson did face methamphetamine charges several years ago.
Posted on 5/15/14 3:56PM by Chuck Benson