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The Grants Pass Caveman is back on his pedestal watching his domain

The Grants Pass Caveman is now back on his pedestal next to the Chamber of Commerce after spending nearly a month receiving a makeover, attending several high-profile events and cavorting around the City of Grants Pass.

The revival of the Caveman was spearheaded by the Grants Pass Active Club. Aplandís Auto Body performed the repairs on the Caveman which included a new paint job and two layers of clear coat to keep him looking pristine. After receiving the updated look, the Caveman was seen across town during Boatnik including at the Boatnik Parade, the Rogue Valley Wine and Brewfest and on Caveman Bridge during the Tom Rice Memorial Hydroplane Race.

The Active Club had requested the city allow them to heighten the Cavemanís pedestal four feet but the two groups compromised on removing a tree and shrubbery around the Caveman to make him more visible.

Active Club member Andrew Geisemann says the group will likely take the Caveman down in 10 years to perform maintenance and add another layer of clear coat.

The statue was first installed on his pedestal on May 29, 1971.
Posted on 5/30/14 11:05AM by Jared Dill