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City Jail Beds Almost Full & No Appeal Expected in Wisener Lawsuit According to Cityís Weekly Update
Assistant City Manager Dave Reeves added some background to the Wisener versus Grants Pass case that was just resolved. According to Reeves the lawsuit claiming a civil rights violation had occurred was filed in February of 2013 with the City making a settlement offer in June that year. Because Mr. Wisenerís jury award was substantially less than the offer he is only entitled to his attorney fees up to the date of the offer. No appeal is expected.

The Cityís rented jail beds were almost at capacity in the 7-day period from Friday through Thursday. The lightest day was Monday when 27 beds were occupied. All 30 beds were used on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

The City Police made 65 arrests in that time and issued 121 citations. The nuisance intervention team issued 4 warnings after 8 contacts and cited two individuals.

The dispatch center answered 1,187 9 1 1 calls, and 686 calls for service.

The Fire Department answered 10 calls, 5 for grass fires. All were extinguished on arrival or controlled open burns. They did respond to two illegal burns. There were 50 calls for emergency medical service.
Posted on 5/31/14 5:31AM by Chuck Benson