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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Gulick Trail Continues, likely through Friday
In the first day of testimony Tuesday in the Damien Gulick trial, prosecutors laid out the basis for the 1st degree assault and criminal mistreatment charges stemming from the alleged abuse of Gulick’s two-year-old stepson in December of 2012.

Prosecutors believe that in an overzealous disciplining the blood vessels in the boy’s brain ruptured.

Gulick and the boy’s mother, Kristin Dymock, who was returning from work, rushed the boy to Three Rivers Medical Center where he was immediately transferred to Rogue Regional Medical Center for surgery. Ultimately the boy was transferred to Doenbecher Children’s hospital where he was hospitalized for over a month.

The defense team is claiming the incident was a tragic accident.

The trial continued Wednesday and is expected to continue through Friday.
Posted on 6/4/14 3:31PM by Chuck Benson