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Council Passes Okay for Law Enforcement Grant Application & Adopted the Water Restoration Plant Plan
The Grants Pass City Council Wednesday night passed a resolution authorizing the City Manager to apply for a grant from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice fund to provide additional Juvenile Justice programs through an intergovernmental agreement with Josephine County.

The City and County, considered disparate jurisdictions, must work together to create a joint program to serve local needs.

It was pointed out the City is eligible for a grant $15,485 while the county is not eligible. The City will retain four percent to cover administrative costs.

The vote was 7 for the resolution with Jim Goodwin abstaining because his department would directly benefit from the grant.

The council also voted to accept the water restoration plant facility plan as proposed by Carolla Consultants. The plan calls for expenditures of over $20 million in nine years, instituted in three phases. Phase one would begin next year with the replacement of an ageing U/V disinfection unit and just over $400,000 in seismic upgrades for an approximate total of $1.5 million. According to Public Works Director Terry Haugen, the money for phase one has already been set aside.

The adoption of the plan is not an authorization for further expenditures.

Councilors voted to readopt the City’s Investment Policy with no discussion.
Posted on 6/4/14 8:45PM by Chuck Benson