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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Officers shut down Williams Highway after receiving reports of a gunman in the area
Officers with the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety shutdown Williams Highway in the 1800 block Wednesday at approximately 4:28 p.m. after they received reports of shots being fired in the area.

Investigators determined 31-year-old Robert Michael Smith and 46-year-old Kelly Rae Williams had been chasing a white vehicle in the area because the driver of that vehicle allegedly stole from them. Smith was armed with a collapsible baton and an airsoft gun that he fired into the air and at the vehicle as he chased it. Williams was armed with a fixed-blade knife.

Due to the severity of the call, officers responded quickly, cordoned off the area and arrested Smith at gunpoint. Williams, who attempted to remove the airsoft gun and knife from the scene, was also arrested.

Both suspects are lodged in the Josephine County Jail. Both are charged with second-degree disorderly conduct and Smith faces additional charges of menacing and felon in possession of a restricted weapon.
Posted on 6/12/14 8:51AM by Jared Dill