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Judge Wolke utilizes county rented jail beds in Jackson County Jail to spare a probation violator prison time
Judge Pat Wolke sentenced a probation violator to 50 days in the Jackson County Jail today and spared him prison time by making use of rented detoxification beds.

Nicholas Luevano was charged with violating probation on May 23. Luevano originally pled guilty to a charge of second-degree kidnapping for an incident that occurred on July 11 of 2012 in the 100 block of Kerby Mainline Road. His sentencing included 40 days jail time because the Measure 11 Escape Hatch was enacted in the case.

Judge Wolke spoke about his review of the case and stated, “You richly deserve 36 months prison time,” to Luevano. But at the request of Luevano’s probation officer, Wolke sentenced Luevano to the lockdown residential program in Jackson County. Wolke made it clear Luevano would be sent to prison the next time he breaks the law.

The Josephine County Commissioners opted on April 30 to rent three beds at a cost of $100 per day in the Jackson County Jail for prison-bound non-violent offenders whose addictions are so strong they need to get clean and sober in order to change their criminal behavior. While incarcerated in the jail inmates in the program receive drug and alcohol counseling.
Posted on 6/16/14 11:06AM by Jared Dill