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Judge gives 80-month prison sentence to man who attacked his wife
Judge Pat Wolke today sentenced a man who assaulted and shot at his wife to 80 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections.

40-year-old Cosmo Seal pled guilty to first-degree attempted assault, fourth-degree assault and unlawful use of a firearm for the attack that occurred just after midnight on March 30 of this year in the 1400 block of S.E. Cherry Lane.

On the night of the incident, officers stormed the residence to make sure the coupleís three children were safe after receiving the emergency call. They located the children unharmed but they found blood and two bullet holes in a wall in the residence. Officers found Seal under a nearby trailer and he was arrested.

Sealís wife was transported to Three Rivers Medical Center where she was treated for a stab wound to the thigh, bruising from multiple physical blows and a bite wound.
Posted on 6/19/14 11:25AM by Jared Dill