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A look at the City of Grants Pass in the week ending June 20
In a look at the City of Grants Pass in the past week as presented by City Manager Aaron Cubic:

The Department of Public Safety made 46 arrests and issued 133 citations.

Emergency Dispatch received 1,153 911 calls and 610 calls for service.

Fire Rescue received 55 calls for service.

The city used an average of 25 jail beds daily during the week.

City staff discussed the assessed property value of Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer further with the Josephine County Assessor and they determined both businesses will actually pay slightly less taxes with the jail utility fee than they would have with the county wide public safety levy. Staff apologized for originally saying these businesses would pay more taxes with the utility fee than the levy.

There has been a rash of vandalism at the bulk water dispensing station at New Hope Road and Williams Highway.
Posted on 6/21/14 7:35AM by Jared Dill