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7-11 kidnapper sentenced to 118 months prison time
The man who stole a car parked in the 6th Street 7-11 parking lot in Grants Pass that contained two children in the early morning hours in May, 2013, was sentenced today by Judge Pat Wolke to 118 months in prison.

Deputy District Attorney Lisa Turner laid out the case to the court room and said Justin Cobbís crime spree started with a stolen car in the Medford area. When police busted Cobb he said that he had borrowed the stolen car from a friend but officers found compelling reasons to charge Cobb with a crime and he was subsequently booked and released.

Five days later, Cobb rode his bike to the 7-11 parking lot where he saw a car parked with the keys in the ignition. Cobb circled the vehicle, jumped in and then quickly drove away. According to Cobb, it was as he was leaving the parking lot that he saw an eight-year-old boy and three-year-old girl in the backseat of the vehicle. He drove down the street and within an eight minute span he dropped the kids off in front of the AMR Ambulance building and sped away. The kids were tended to by personnel and were eventually returned to their parents.

Authorities located Cobb several days later in the process of stripping the stolen car and he was arrested. While incarcerated, he convinced an acquaintance to bail him out and after being released Cobb stole his friendís vehicle and wallet within 24 hours and was quickly apprehended again as he tried to flee the Williams Highway Rite-Aid with a cart loaded with over $1,000 in property.

Cobb pled guilty to a multitude of counts including second-degree kidnapping, multiple charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, felon in possession of a firearm and tampering with evidence.
Posted on 6/26/14 1:21PM by Jared Dill