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Medford Man Arrested after Burglarizing Home
Ryan Smythers, 27, of Medford was arrested in a Medford Fred Meyer store and jailed last night after an alert citizen observed him riffling through a purse while skate boarding, and then tossing the purse aside.

The citizen retrieved the purse and found it had medication and identification of a 78-year-old woman who lived nearby on Johnson Street. The citizen called police and advised them the suspect was last seen going toward Fred Meyer.

Police contacted the suspect inside the store where he had a cart full of merchandise. Smythers was uncooperative when the officer tried to place him under arrest and resisted. The officer put him into custody after a struggle. The woman’s credit cards were found in Smythers’ possession.

Smythers is facing charges for theft of credit cards, forgery, resisting arrest and warrants out of Missouri for burglary. Smythers was treated for injuries he sustained in fighting with the officer.
Posted on 6/30/14 10:56AM by Chuck Benson