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Ex-Fed-Ex Employee Sentenced to 41 Months in Federal Penitentiary
U.S. District Judge Owen Panner Sentenced Victor Manuel Chavez, 40, of Medford to 41 months in Federal Prison after Chavez pled guilty to theft from interstate shipment and money laundering.

Chavez was employed by Federal Express for four years as a driver and was responsible for unloading FedEx packages from aircraft at the Medford airport and delivering them. In 2011 and 2012 Chavez began identifying packages he believed contained large amounts of cash, suspected to be the proceeds of marijuana sales, as well as electronic equipment, jewelry and other valuable items. Chavez would reprint the FedEx labels, re-routing them to his truck. He sold electronics and other items to his friends.

On January 30th, 2012 law enforcement served a search warrant at Chavezís home and seized evidence, which included rolls of FedEx adhesive labels and merchandise matching items reported missing.
Authorities also searched a suitcase Chavez had given to a friend to hold in return for $10,000. Inside was $250,000 in cash.

Law enforcement believes most of that money was the proceeds of marijuana sales by Oregon growers who use FedEx to send the pot out of state in return for cash payments sent back to them by the same companies.

Chavez was also fined $25,000 and will serve three years post-prison supervision and must pay restitution to the victims.
Posted on 7/1/14 4:48AM by Chuck Benson