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Commissioners Approve Salary Table Adjustment & Okay Public Works Upgrade
The Josephine County Commissioners approved a salary table adjustment for non-union county employees that reduces the 12 steps system to 9 steps to bring the county more in line with most other counties in the state.

The longevity steps included in the package are a 2 percent increase at 10 and 15 years and a one percent step at the 20 year mark of service.

The initial cost to the county is an additional 1.46 percent or $4,731.26 annually.

The commissioners okayed public works request to upgrade an A-16 inspector to an A-17 engineering tech IV. The position is now vacant due to a retirement, but depending on the qualifications of a replacement hire could cost the county an additional $2,000 annually.
Posted on 7/2/14 10:46AM by Chuck Benson