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Oregon State Trooper Incident Log
Sunday afternoon Oregon State Troopers responded to the report of a restraining order violation in the 400 block of Woody Acres Drive. Don Christopher Kuamoo admitted he knew about the restraining order but thought time had run out on it. He was arrested and lodged in the Josephine County Jail.

Troopers investigated a report of a suspicious person and upon contact with the subject it was determined he was pan handling with his daughter. He was advised not to do that.

Early Sunday morning Troopers arrived on a scene where a woman had been assaulted and the man had fled into the woods with one of her children. The man returned and was taken into custody and lodged in jail. The woman and her children were taken to a safe location.

Two troopers responded to a call from a woman that stayed online with the dispatcher screaming “don’t leave” to an unknown party. The disturbance was due to a minor car accident and the parties could not peacefully exchange information. The trooper assisted in the information exchange and no enforcement action was taken.

A 30-year-old autistic man was found on Merlin Galice Road and did not know where he lived or his age. He was transported to Three Rivers Community Hospital where his identity was discovered. His parents were called and said they thought he was asleep in his room. The parents retrieved him and took him home.
Posted on 7/14/14 11:10AM by Chuck Benson